Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday – 1:00pm:  Ginger Gardiner

Ginger Gardiner Editor of Composite World magazine, will discuss the increasing use of Carbon Fiber and Composites in the Heavy Duty Truck Industry. Ms. Gardiner will cover topics including; the “Super Beam” (a beam produced by laminating a stainless steel frame with composite material. This beam is stronger and lighter than a steel beam and will not rust) with possible use, The Tesla Electric tractor and trailer with the use of composites to lighten and strengthen for increased capacity and greater operating range, the Wabash refrigerated trailer with a composite floor to make a stronger floor that will take more abuse without cracking and leaking. Ginger will cover many more composite products that are now and will be in the near future being used in the Heavy Duty Truck Industry.

Sunday – 2:00pm:  Michael J. Hoke – Carbon fiber Composites – Do they make Sense?

Mr. Michael Hoke, President of ABARIS Training Resources, Reno, Nevada. ABARIS is the Global leader in advanced Composite training serving the commercial, military, aviation and automotive customers for more than 30 years. ABARIS offers training programs in the design, fabrication and repair of composite components.

Michael will cover the importance and availability of training programs to accomplish proper repairs to the new advanced composites.

Sunday – 3:00pm:  John Spoto – Working Smarter, When Repairing Composites Through a Consistent Repair Procedures

How do you currently create consistency throughout your commercial fleet repair facility when repairing composites? If you have consistency within your process, is every technician following them? Do you have Standard Operating Procedures? How would you use them to improve your process and increase sales? What would you do to prevent and remove constraints within your repair process? During this seminar, we will provide a solution on developing consistence procedures within your current commercial fleet repair process.

Sunday – 4:00pm:   Dismissal for ACOFAS and other industry Annual Business meetings.

ACOFAS meeting room location to be announced.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday – 8:00am:  Derek Kaufman – How Emerging Technologies Will Change the Trucking Aftermarket

Changes in truck design, materials, logistics management and dealer ownership will present challenges and opportunities to the trucking aftermarket. In this presentation, Derek will present the future of truck technology and a look at the next ten years of transportation logistics with emphasis on their effects on truck service.

Monday – 9:00am:  Douglas King – Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Mr. Douglas King, Meritor Trainer will speak on the ESC or Electronic Stability Control that is now required on all trucks. Doug will cover what it looks like, how it works, where it is located on the vehicle, how it can be accidently disabled, how to rest and adjust. This is new technology and must knowledge for anyone working on these vehicles.

Monday – 10:00am:  Erica Eversman

Attorney Erica Eversman known in the Auto Collision industry for her stance in assuring and documenting the proper repair of vehicles. She will highlight a recent collision regarding an improper repair to a vehicle the resulted in a 1 million dollar payout settlement by an insurance company and 42 million dollar payout by the collision repairer that claimed they did the repair per the insurance company’s instructions. The vehicle was not repaired using the vehicle manufacturer’s procedures.

Erica will stress the importance of using recommended practices for all repairs.

Monday – 11:00am: Mike Betts

Mike Betts will speak about the use of recommended practices and the availability we all have to use the TMC RPC library. You can join the TMC or use your ACOFAS membership to access the library.

Monday – 11:10am:  Mike Betts & Walt Commans

Mike Betts, CEO Betts Truck Parts & Service and educators from the California Central Valley, will join Walt Commans in a conversation regarding the progress that has been made on their new Heavy Truck Mechanic Training Programs. These new and exciting NATEF accredited programs are examples of what can and should be happening across America.