Ginger Gardiner, Senior Editor at CompositesWorld


Ginger Gardiner has worked in the composites industry since 1990. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University and began her career as a technical marketing representative in DuPont’s Composites Division for KEVLAR and NOMEX products in aerospace and marine applications. After leaving DuPont, Ginger formed Vantage Marketing Services, providing market and product development consulting for companies like Hoechst-Celanese and Ciba-Geigy, and also developed and marketed technical conferences. She also wrote articles for several magazines, including Professional BoatBuilder, and began writing for Composites Technology and High Performance Composites magazine in 2006. She was hired as Senior Editor of the now combined CompositeWorld magazine in 2013, and is a co-author of the textbook, Essentials of Advanced Composite Fabrication & Repair, which is now being prepared for its second edition.